Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Matter of Interpretation

As I was unloading the groceries from the back of the car yesterday, I said to Mini-Husband that he couldn't do something.

"What did you say," he asked me?

"I said, 'You can't do that.'"

A look of consternation came across his face. I waited for the battle to start and tried to ready myself for a force of wills.

Instead he looked at me and asked,

"Mom, how does Daddy day 'can't'?"

"Well," I replied, taken slightly off guard, "he says it a little differently than I do because of his accent. Daddy says 'caughn't' whereas I say 'caan't'."

Mini-Husband paused for a second and then repeated the word in both accents.

"Caughn't. Yes, caughn't. You know, it sounds better in English, Mom."


kissmekaty said...

God love Jack!!! xoxoxo

Kitty said...

Can't wait until he listens to us! We will have to give him some "Baltimorese"!

hubster dave said...

I just hope he lays it out to you just like he does to his "mommmy", cant wait to see your faces!!!

and the best of it is, i havent even trained him for this!!!

Kitty said...

Good thing we love him.

diane said...

yessssss the new high bred american brit!

Dig said...

Love who? Hubster or Mini-Husband? ;)

diane said...

He means British. It sounds better in british. Clearly that young man needs to come and explore his American side!!!!! In the meantime we should set up a calling schedule so we can all talk to him in "american"

hubster dave said...

thats a good idea di di - then he can mock your accents too !!!!!