Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks Later

So we ended up not having salmon. Good old Dig here forgot to get 'em outta the freezer in time.

Normal for me, that. What wasn't normal was that I actually found Johnsonville Brats at my grocery store.


Can you stand it? I felt as if I had been teleported directly to Wisconsin! If only I had some cheese curds and a case of Miller Lite to round off the meal! Give thanks indeed!

Mini-Husband took to them like a fish outta water. (There is hope for his American side after all!) He smothered them in ketchup, sprinkled on some crushed tortilla chips, and then smashed them between two pieces of bread. God bless that boy.

I'm feeling full, happy, and extatic that here in my little corner of France, I got a slice of a part of America that I love so much. And on Thanksgiving of all things.

Yes, Miss Tennessee 1975, there is a God afterall. And I think he's a Packer fan.


Sue said...

Let us remind that God works in mysterious ways. Now if only he could just send GB a quarterback they could count on...

Diane said...

Apparently God is actually a Jets fan.