Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Week That Was

Monday: Cold, foggy, and a tad miserable. Decided to let my mood match what was going on outside. Managed to at least haul Rosebud to the grocery store where I consoled myself with the purchase of Digestives and Oreos.

Tuesday: Hubster had the day off so we attacked the Christmas shopping. Highlights of the day: 1. Lunch at an American type burger place with a fantastic Belgian amber to wash it all down. 2. Hubster's company Christmas gift certificates made it possible for us to spoil the kids rotten and only have to pay out just over a euro. Vive le CE!

Wednesday: Everybody home for the day, including Hubster. His buddy from work came and fixed the extractor fan that has been broken for about 2 months. We celebrated by taking all the kids to Cora to stock up on wine.

Thursday: Appointment with my ob/gyn to make sure that I never have to see him again in his capacity as an ob. Celebrated by taking a run around Billom and waxed nostalgic for Miss Tennessee 1975 and her family.

Friday: Hubster home again so we sold Rosebud to French Me for the day. Lunch out just the two of us, followed by getting each other our Christmas presents. Nothing exciting, just some running gear for me, some clothes for Hubster and new dog collars for Abaka and Anouk.

Speaking of whom, the three furry residents are most displeased that I didn't train them this week. The forecast is for snow today so we'll see. Rumor has it that Musher Boy is wanting to try and take all three out on his own. I can smell the fur and blood already!

Saturday: It's 6:30am and I'm unable to sleep. Today my cousin, Mo, and her fabulous long time boyfriend, Chad, are getting married. It's such a awesome thing to watch our family grow by adding in such wonderful people like him. My thoughts (and liver) are with them and the whole nutty gang I'm related to over there. I hope everything goes as it should for them today... no major snafus and no drunk relatives falling over during the reception.

All things being caught up, I'm off to make more tea and enjoy the silence while I can. I've missed you, my readers! All 4 of you!


Kelly said...

I'ver missed you too! Sounds like a productive week! XOXOXO

kissmekaty said...

Talk about the grass being greener on the other side! Monday, up at 3:30am, worked too many hours, fought with defiant employees, started snowing. Tuesday, blizzard, watched it snow and baked cookies. Wednesday,OMG, horribly icy roads. More dysfunctional employee issues. Thursday, MRI in Topeka, roads improving but brutally COLD! Friday, tire rotation, flu shot, work. Up early today, last minute Christmas decorations outside since the temperature is a balmy 25'. Wish I was with you at Cora!

Kitty said...

Thanks for the update!

Sue said...

Wow...productive week. We are here in Athens for the big event. Ran this morning with Di and Sean along the Hocking River. Mo is one cheerful bride to be. Looking forward to the grand event but missing you. We'll make sure she gets the cosmo...and perhaps it's after effects :-)
Love ya!!!
Reader #4

Kitty said...

I have the worst time with the comments section of thisl. But Maureen is Married!!! She was a happy bride! And we missed you!