Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Subliminal Message or My Thoughts on DSK

At lunch yesterday, MH asked me if there were any male teachers in his school district.

"No," I replied. "There are only women."

"So that means they are maîtresses and not maîtres."

"Yeah," I said off handedly as I cleaned off the table.

He sat there for a second and then started laughing.

"You know, Mom, French is hilarious! You could have 5000 women and then throw in just one guy and TA-DA, we'd say maîtres and not maîtresses. Just throw in one thing male and we win! We are so strong, us men!"

5000 women and just one man and in French the phrase becomes masculine.


Eight years on and I'm still having trouble with this one.


magali said...

Sadly it's not only in French, Spanish, Italian and German have the same rules !

As for men being so strong... I'll need to have a talk with MH ! even if I'm sure his sisters will prouve him wrong over and over again ;-)

kissmekaty said...

Katy, la Bricoleur, and Jack need to chat!!!! xoxoxoxo

Kitty said...

Such a smart kid to notice!!

Diane said...

I am with mom. He's a sharp one!!!

babymouncer said...

Why do objects have to be male and female anyways? It just screws up my learning of any language - GAH!!! (and that is a female GAH)