Friday, November 19, 2010

Shall I Sign Her Up for German Next School Year Just For Fun?

The other night, The Princess starting thanking her big brother profusely for all that he and his people had ever done for her. Since this was a whole new conversation I had never heard before, I decided eavesdropping was definitely in order.

"You know, MH, I really thank you and daddy's grandparents for all they've done. Really, I mean, if it weren't for you guys and all those people mommy's related to, all of us French people would be speaking that language that sounds like strassagagha urghresha, halmgie, ichblaga right now."


Kirsten said...

I think it's spelled "hälmgie."

magali said...

I love that MH is English, you are obviously American but the Princess is French :-)

By the way, not sure if my English improved or degrated over the week, but I'm already teasing the Project Manager about his poor spelling :-p

Diane said...

That is some serious cultural confusion.