Thursday, November 26, 2009

Those Stinking Liars!

Today being my national holiday that I love the best, I ran around to all and sundry in the village this morning wishing everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

And you know what happened? A whole heck of a lot of those people, who for the past 6 years have denied ANY capacity to speak in English, responded to me in English.

What gives?!?!?

After a wee bit of reflection, I'm happy to be thankful for these neighbours and friends, who if they had spoken to me in English way back when, I wouldn't be able to speak French like I do now.

Merci mes amis et avoir une bonne fĂȘte!


Stephanie said...

What a gift to receive! And you are right, you would not be as ingrained in the village if they had spoken English with you.

Glad you had a good trip to Paris.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sue said...

Goes to show that sometimes people can change too...we are thankful for all that makes us who we are!